Second call for proposals in NRP 79 on 3R forthcoming: focus on humanities and social sciences

A second NRP 79 call for proposals aims to promote research projects specifically from the humanities and social sciences.

The aim of this second call is to promote and implement outstanding research ideas from the humanities and social sciences. “We are convinced that the future success of the 3R principles requires not only advances in the natural sciences, but also new insights from the humanities and social sciences”,  says Herwig Grimm, president of NRP 79.

Research and implementation

The call aims to investigate the ethical, legal, social, historical and economic aspects of animals in research and thereby include the human-animal relationship. It aims further to develop new and improved tools and methods that increase the likelihood of successful 3R implementation, as well as to improve the validation of existing tools and methods.

In this second call for proposals, both mono- and interdisciplinary projects are sought, as well as projects with national and/or international collaborations. Young researchers, experienced researchers and researchers who are new to the field of the 3R are equally welcome. Research projects that address and involve relevant stakeholders are particularly welcome. We foster diverse research types, which aim not only at producing traditional research results like publications, but also at fostering dialogue with the public.

A budget of 1.5 to 2 million Swiss francs is planned for this second call for proposals, with an expected average budget per project between 300 000 and 500 000 CHF. Budgets below or above this range are not excluded, if they are justified accordingly.

The complete documentation of this second call for proposals will be published on 10 June 2022.