New Steering Committee members and second call for proposals

NRP 79 strengthens its Steering Committee with three new members: Gail Davies, Maik Dahlhoff and Elin Törnqvist. In addition, the Steering Committee has decided to launch a second call for proposals in the humanities and social sciences.

Three new members joined the NRP 79 Steering Committee in February 2022

  • Gail Davies, professor of human geography at the University of Exeter,
  • Maik Dahlhoff, professor for in vivo and in vitro models at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and
  • Elin Törnqvist, head of department at the National Veterinary Institute in Sweden and researcher at the Karolinska Institute.

The three experts bring additional expertise to NRP 79, particularly in the areas of human-animal relationships, social sciences, genetically modified organisms, 3D models, organs on a chip, communication about 3R methods, and toxicology.

Marcel Leist, professor at the University of Constance, has decided to step down from the Steering Committee of NRP 79. The Steering Committee thanks him for his contribution.

Second call for the module "Ethics and Society"

The Steering Committee has decided to launch a second call for proposals in Module 3 "Ethics and Society". "We had hoped for a somewhat higher number of submissions from the first call," said Herwig Grimm, president of NRP 79. "Since the involvement of the humanities and social sciences in this research programme is very important to us, we decided to issue a second call for proposals. We are convinced there is further potential within the humanities and social sciences to advance the 3Rs."

The detailed call documents will be published on 10 June 2022.