Short videos on NRP research projects

© Adrian Heuss

Transparency is important when it’s about animal experiments and 3R research. So each of the “NRP 79 – Advancing 3R” research groups will be producing a short video on their research project. One-day workshops have been held to explain how this works.

How can I use my smart phone to produce a good video clip about my research project? That was the question addressed by the three one-day workshops held for researchers on the NRP 79 – Advancing 3R project. Katharina Deuber, an experienced TV journalist and presenter, showed the researchers how you can produce a gripping video with simple means. She explained that it’s more about telling an interesting and simply structured story than about the technology and cinematographic tricks.

Over the course of this year, all NRP 79 research groups will be producing a short video about their research project that is designed primarily for the general public rather than just for other scientists. The aim is to increase the transparency of the research projects and to make the challenges of 3R research more easily accessible.

Ever since people began experimenting on animals, there have been societal, political and ethical debates about the usefulness and limitations of such experiments. These discussions are important in that they shape people’s perceptions of the use of animals for research purposes. As the basis for such discussions, it is essential that people concerned about this topic can be given a proper picture of the current state of research. The video clips are intended to help meet this need.